/ World We Accidentally Ordered

World we have accidentally ordered: Call Centres speech-to-text, PIN prompts and everything pretty much related to this.

World we have accidentally ordered is a series of blog posts about the current state of things and ideas on how to fix this mess.

Good things about speech-to-text:

  • it will dramatically save loads of time on the phone confirming details such as date of birth and all the other pointless yet widely publicly available answers to "security questions" like DOB and address.
  • sometimes it works nicely

Bad things about speech-to-text:

  • Actually being specific about what you want e.g. SIM Swap will just send you mad by telling you to go online when you probably have used the website to get the number
  • Less call centre staff due to management cutting staff as there is less calls
  • Sometimes you get through to a person and they ask you what your query is anyway!

What is the point half of the time?

Very typical scenario:

Hello, welcome to blah, do you wish to discuss the number you are calling from?
And what is the PIN number?

Thanks for passing security!!!

Everytime: Hi you're through to X sorry I don't see your details through the call, can you reconfirm them?

There are examples of great orgs/companies that provide an outstanding 24/7 service like Metro Bank, no spill over to out of hours teams or call centres outside the UK who have limited access to records.

What is the issue with outsourced call centres?

Outsourced call centre solutions that are restricted to customer records (probably for a good reason post http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39177981)

However there are some call centre teams that don't have access to the records which is pretty ridiculous.

I propose out of hours teams are trained to service the usual customer service queries.