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World we accidentally ordered: 500px fiasco

We hear all the time about startups running out of cash. Internet folk pour their hard work and build communities for then the site to just decide to stop the service.

Good examples of this include 500px who decided to ditch photographers that license their photos under Creative Commons.

Wayback Machine

On the positive, the Wayback Machine will index all of the lost CC photos thanks to a pool of volunteers who helped archive the entirety of 500px.

500px pool archiving

Here you can see the stats of 500px pool archiving.

ArchiveTeam Warrior

ArchiveTeam Warrior is a virtual machine that allows even novice computer users to get involved in the archiving process. All you need is VirtualBox, a sizeable disk image and be able to use a web graphical interface.


Warrior UI

It is super easy to use. A screenshot below shows the UI for the warrior.