Developers: Supercharge your 9-5

Nice jaaaaaag

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Approximately 1337% of YouTube pre-roll ads are entrepreneur, business coaches or recruitment agent sharing their "I quit my job" overnight success stories however it seems wise best to bootstrap while in a stable paying Job.

In software engineering, there is idle time that could be used to growth hack. Compiling build, waiting for tests, etc.

I find it really easy to go in hard with a very simple idea that works very well. It's commonplace everywhere. There should be coding hackathons where the participants are to build something useful satisfying business goals set.

You may be able to brush up on your current skills and add even more value to your current client.



This app is brilliant. They compress lengthy books which may only contain a handful of unique ideas.

Really helps you weed out all the business coaches writing about Sales.

And, as a Brit they generally leave out all references to sports like "soccer" etc. that make no sense to Brits.

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There really is something for everybody here.



Get some AirPods - they are the ultimate lifehack. They do not really leak any sound unless you blast them (unlike headphones mostly do!) and they seem to be a bit more socially acceptable.

Also, they're great in bars playing rubbishy music. Can play your own and have a good time.

Follow people in the industry you want to be in

Even though Twitter is super diluted, I remember having ~1000 followers and having ~50 replies to tweets talking about dull things e.g. website caching!

The auto followers and fake Twitter follower services somehow do still work - Twitter stated the count of fake bots is as high as 48 Million and I imagine these accounts are marketed for sale for using for some sort of gain.