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2018 is the year of truth


There was a tweet from Ben Southworth aka @inthecompanyof which really resonated with me.

Speak truth in job specs

Be honest with who you need, please rate the technologies weighting. e.g.

ReactJS (We need someone at expert level)
Node.js (30% of the role will be using this)
Ruby (A familiarity with Ruby would suffice)

Speak truth online

Share your experiences! Have the courage to write openly!

Speak the truth in your job

If you think that somebody is struggling with something, please offer a hand. If you are struggling, then ask.

Speak truth in CVs

It is unfortunately true that CVs need "the right keywords" (due to the client really using the skills for the role you applied for that are relevant for the)

Speak truth in agile retrospectives.

The best retrospectives I have been in have been ones where developers have shared what they have learned, been open about any struggles, even thanking the client goes a long way if they have been super fair with you!

Many scrummasters will try keep the scope of the retro to the previous sprint (e.g. What was good, what was bad, what can we improve) however, I have experienced amazing retros that include the following:

  • Thanked other people in the project for their peer review, peer programming or generally made their work day a lot of fun.
  • noticed pain points that are nothing to do with the sprint. This could be something the business could benefit from.
  • Somebody owning the fact that they did found a task to be pretty tough.
  • General Suggestions on how to make any on-site work better, change of office hours to flexitime, suggestions to welcome the business to listen to the retrospective.

There is pretty much always technical debt that is not addressed in retrospectives as the worry is the client may lose faith… or something!

Critising a person in a team is a huge no no!!

Speak truth to job applicants.

It is a lot fairer to give feedback!