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The surprising benefit I got from hiring a social media manager

In my business networking groups, I always met social media managers and thought "Christ, who needs to pay £300pcm for somebody to tweet for them?"

I also wondered "how much can construction companies, structural engineers and business coaches really benefit from tweeting as a one-man band or small business?" - they always have paltry amounts of Twitter followers as there just isn't really that much to talk about as a brand, but I'm sure would benefit if they used a social media manager for their own personal account.

I've been using Twitter since its early days and it used to be more about the conversation e.g. I could tweet that I needed an X developer for one of my clients and I would get many replies with recommendations when nowadays many tweets like this go unnoticed. :-(

The reason for this is most likely to be because Twitter switched from the chronological timeline to a more personalised timeline for a user so sometimes your tweets are basically buried and followers will never see them.

Anyway, this all changed when I found somebody on Fiverr.com who offers a service for £45/month. She asked me about what niches I specialise in and tweeps I follow on Twitter who I think tweet the most interesting things.

Initially, I thought I would only really gain a few more social media followers but there are many services where you can just inflate your Twitter followers with a load of dodgy bots, alas this is totally pointless because there will be no interaction with your tweets.

What I did gain however, which to my surprise, was a much more interesting timeline. I now have news, blog articles and funny tweets from developers, devops engineers and CTOs in my space.

I think I gained probably around 500+ new organic followers using this service but the more interesting timeline was well worth the £45/month.

The most useful tweets I get for my work are things like security vulnerability CVEs that I would have otherwise missed.

Ultimately I'm only really on Twitter for the developer in-jokes and memes. A positive outcome indeed, i've used the services for 3+ months now and very happy with the outcome.