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My HulloMail SmartVoicemail review

I am an avid fan of HulloMail. I've been loyal to HulloMail as I believe they were pretty much first of the pack of voice transcription services.

When I was looking for work in November 2018, I purposefully added a landline number instead of my mobile so I knew if it was a recruiter from a job board or even a cold email from a recruiter.

How it works?

It works by using your voicemail forwarder number. You call a contact called "HulloMail Enable" and it does its magic by forwarding voicemail calls to a specific number.

Great things about it

  • It emails you an attachment with the voicemail and transcribes what you say.
    • I have an IFTTT widget that puts all emails sent from HulloMail direct to a folder so I can save all the WAV files in Google Drive.
  • You can use your voice forwarder number for things like Skype voicemail too.

My voicemail greeting says "Hello, please leave a message or SMS and it will transcribe into a message.

Feedback on the app

The App is super buggy. It sometimes has issues processing a number of voicemails. I think its a hybrid app developed in some older technology as it lacks a lot of iOS finesse.