GDPR: Was consent actually necessary and marketers have simply shot themselves in the foot?

Approximately 1000% of emails sent in May were desperate GDPR attempts to get consent. I really believe marketers have been fooled into essentially forcing their entire list to reconsent.

Recital 171 of the GDPR makes clear you can continue to rely on any existing consent that was given in line with the GDPR requirements, and there’s no need to seek fresh consent.

Please, we beg you, reply before 25th May!!

GDPR "please please reply before 25th May" is potentially almost admitting that the company/brand knows that their mailing lists don't really full opt-in from the consumer or just sending simply marketing email after sending things like Hotel receipts, card receipts, notification emails etc.

It could also just be project managers have seen articles about GDPR that were essentially scaremongering or even received a lot of mail themselves, and simply just thought "Oh, I better do that too!".

Very last chance to be on my list!

Symless really a great company and they make amazing products, but they really went a bit too far with this 3x opt-in reminders.