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Future of ISPs: Should we all subscribe to our own internet subscription rather than subscribe to typical ISPs?

2020 will bring us the introduction of 5G devices. While the frequency and all the technical details of 5G are being firmed up, it is clear as 5G will be running at a high-frequency band (to get the performance gains) it will mean that we will need more masts and antennas as a result (even street level).

All UK mobile networks have bought an equal share of the band with enough support for a finite amount of customers or devices on the network. IoT devices and the lot will

Why public wi-fi just needs to die out:

  • POINTLESS wi-fi login screens that say "Welcome to Sky wi-fi" "Welcome to Starbucks" "You're connected to an o2 hotspot you definitely didn't actually want to connect to"
  • Unsecured wi-fi networks! What is going on with this? Might as well share your entire internet history with the other clients on the network.

I will happily trade microwaving my brain for better shiny internet.

5G will enable ≤1ms latency and up to 1Gbps speeds offering much better speeds than any VDSL (e.g. some ADSL connections still run at 8mbps in rural areas and even VDSL is only "up to 70mbps" and subject to heavy traffic shaping and high contention ratios).

It should wipe out crappy ADSL cafe wireless and BT Starbucks wi-fi which has been about 1mbps internet for 10+ years. Somehow, people will still flock to Starbucks to use this AOL-esque wifi connection.

Cable broadband is the way forward in the UK if you have a cabled street. DOCSIS 3.1 allows speeds up to 1GBps as well but Virgin media has always had really shocking upload speed whereas 5G will have a much healthier up speed.

What is the answer to our 5G being used for our IoT devices, laptops and the sort?

Like Netflix, iTunes Family Sharing, Spotify Family etc, I think household memberships could be a great way and data will be shared between a family for those with children who cannot pay for their own subscription.

I think like the iPad Pro, Apple could offer a worldwide 5G subscription and install modems in all of their hardware. Imagine being able to open your laptop anywhere and have super speedy, low-latency internet.

More 5G subscribers will push the networks to install more antennas which will improve the network. There is oversaturation of the 2.4GHz band and many networks are using both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Using mobile links it will ensure that you can roam 5G masts without any disconnections and having to ask for the wi-fi key (yawn).

It will also mean that your employer/cafe/coworking space wifi will not be able to log DNS requests, HTTP traffic and show crappy login screens.

All a win, let's make it happen!