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I am currently working exclusively with startups.

I recommend using YunoJuno to find freelance consultants/talent. It has great terms for the business (45 day terms) and the developers are paid on a weekly schedule.

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I am a software engineer obsessed with standards, security, testing and performance. I’ve been contracted on a variety of challenging projects for UK Government, social enterprises and media companies to deliver high quality code to tight deadlines and rigorous standards.

I’ve joined, managed and coached teams of all sizes delivering complex applications. Agile Kanban is my preferred methodology for continuous delivery cycles, allowing flexibility/changes changes to tickets.

Although nowadays I recommend utilising microservices, I also enjoy working as a devops engineer making use of Ansible/Terraform/Vault, Docker, AWS/Rackspace multi cloud, linux distros Debian/Ubuntu and Alpine Linux (this is great for lightweight docker images) and turnkey CI solutions like Travis and CircleCI.

I have worked with the technologies below.

Web Technologies

  • Proficient HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

API Stacks

  • Node.js
  • Java (SpringMVC)
  • Laravel/Symfony


  • PostgresSQL/MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite



  • proficient with bash/python/ruby

Testing stacks

  • Nightwatch
  • Selenium
  • Cucumber/Mocha
  • PHPUnit
  • and various integration testing solutions.


  • cloud (Cloudfoundry)
  • Firebase
  • Parse Server

Server Technologies
Express/, Tomcat, Apache/nginx + PHP-FPM, Memcache, Redis, Varnish.

Extensive AWS experience including but not limited to RDS, IAM, SQS, SNS, S3, Elastic Files, Code Pipeline, Lambda. Using Hashicorp Terraform and Vault to plan infrastructure and share secrets. (infrastructure in code!)


Stephen is enthusiastic, proactive and astute. He is a great asset to any team, working well with others and often providing innovative solutions to problems. I have worked with him on numerous occasions, the experience has always been enjoyable and the outcome positive.

- Simon Poulston, Lead Developer

Steve is a knowledgeable developer with excellent technical skills. Steve is friendly and dedicated. Steve is a great asset for any development team.

- D Kadhem, Drupal Consultant, Comic Relief

Stephen demonstrated a high level of technical ability and all round solid knowledge of software engineering best practices and methodologies.
I would recommend Stephen and hope to work with him in the future.

- Jon Edery, Senior Developer at Eurostar

I have always maintained that good devs appreciate testing effort and Steve is certainly one of those, and wasted no time in contributing to test framework and showed genuine interest in the testing side. Steve is not only a solid developer but has a bewildering array of tech skills extending to devops and ops.
Working with devs like Steve makes projects not only fun to work on, but gives me more inspiration to extend my own skills. A team player who does not shy away from being vocal in his opinions and quick to help others. He has genuine passion of tech and it’s very infectious! You would not regret hiring him.

- Paul Littlebury, Senior Test Engineer at Department of Business Enterprise and Skills

References available on request.