In response to LBC Conversation c/o Shelagh Fogarty about looking after your welfare of your children, older relatives, neighbours, friends.

A caller said they track their older fragile family member by installing a CCTV camera in the living room that they only tune in when they need to (which is fair!) but a huge privacy invasion!

They also mentioned that they don't record the video which makes no sense… surely they would want to see if she fell or whatever on camera! (Well, I guess nobody wants to see that, but the CCTV makes no sense if only used for live situations before somebody has fallen over!)

Another caller in an allegedly healthy couple (yeah, right) said they constantly use Share My Location on their phones to see where eachother are, that seems a bit too much. Surely his wife isn't shopping away from home and I would hope this is not what they're checking eachothers location for!

However, with this constant Share My Location use, use of GPS is a huge drain on battery.

Considering how much battery constantly using Share My Location zaps, I would prefer my loved one had a well charged phone!

Could social media giants be forced into developing this feature thinking it would be useful?

It is abundantly clear to me, as a software engineer, that many social media apps and similar query location all the time and phone home quite often sometimes for evil gain with advertising or similar.

Google for example, do allow you to turn this off to a certain extent to provide a very accurate geographic location to every search you make!

It would definitely be possible for the tech giants to create such a solution, and pool location easily from apps that are heavily used like Facebook, Google Search, Twitter.

Why do people need to know where people are all the time?

I would compare having constant location sharing is almost like having an ankle tag!

Some cases have valid uses, I guess things like:

  • Tracking a loved one who is not very mobile or is disabled, it would be good to see where they are;
  • Making sure your child makes it to their destination.
  • Can't really think of any other valid reasons… Power of three and all that.