The state of Microsoft Azure and Azure DevCloud

Microsoft are making impressive movements with their cloud offering. MS show great commitment to open source and have made amazing efforts and commitments e.g. both MS SQL Server and .NET are now available for Linux.


I have recently worked with an agency client working for a whiskey brand. The end client used MS technologies to power their repository and also track progress via DevCloud issue tracker/board.

It made onboarding developers really simple as they could simply set up a new email address for developers and it would allow permission to repositories and projects. It also has an integration with federated Active Directory which makes it quite epic for companies of the Microsoft persuasion.

In comparison to JIRA cloud, DevCloud is performant and the UI works nicely. JIRA Cloud is SLOW but hosted JIRA on your own kit performs a lot better. The issue with hosting your own JIRA instance is just it creates another headache and bit of infrastructure to maintain so a cloud based solution makes a lot more sense.

What is it?

Azure DevCloud is a bit more than just a repository, it has a issue tracker, which for many years has been essentially a rudimentary digital post-it wall a.k.a. an Agile Kanban/Scrum board, a build runner and to top it all off MS Azure Domain integration making it ideal for most corporate clients.

Gripes I have with the system

The client had a really badly configured DevCloud instance where tickets would get lost because of some shortcomings in the UI.

I have been tasked as a devops engineer to set up JIRA instances to have all the bells and whistles e.g. integration with CI and repositories, but DevCloud simplifies all of this by having an issue tracker per repository.

Should you check out Azure DevCloud?

I would say yes! It may be a winner for you but JIRA, providing you use services that have a working integration does offer most customisation.

GitHub issue tracker is more than sufficient for more projects and totally free. I think this is more than sufficient for most projects.

Microsoft Azure's IaaS