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London Tech Events

There are 100+ tech events every month on Meetup.com. You will find at least 3-4 different options of meetups for after work drinks.

They are a great way to sharpen your knowledge and meet new people. I pick up many tips from the events. Some events are a bit boozy, some are a bit too boring and rigid, below is a list of my favourite events.


Tech For Good

Discussions on how to use digital technology to tackle some of the world's toughest social and environmental challenges.


London OpenCoffee Meetup

No agenda, no talks, no sponsored messages. Just a no nonsense meetup for entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

There is an active mailing list as well at https://www.meetup.com/londonocc/discussions/.


Silicon Drinkabout

Good place to find co-founders, developers, entrepreneurs.
Added bonus: bar is usually subsidised by a sponsor! ?


London New Tech #LNT

I really enjoy LNT's format, a handful of presenters will demo/show off their product in 5-7 mins and then there is a small Q&A with the audience.

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