Stephen Mount

I'm a software engineer with 9+ years commercial experience using a variety of languages and technologies including JavaScript, Java, PHP and Ruby.

I'm passionate about security, testing and performance. I've been contracted on a variety of projects for UK Gov, social enterprises & media companies to deliver high quality code to tight deadlines.

BBC Good Food BBC TopGear NBC Universal Eurostar Sport Relief Rackspace Care Quality Commission Vivienne Westwood SoundTransit

Although nowadays I recommend utilising microservices, I also enjoy devops currently making use of Ansible/Terraform/Vault, Docker, AWS/Rackspace multi cloud, making use of linux distros Debian/Ubuntu and Alpine Linux (this is great for lightweight docker images).

Whilst I am a fan of all things tech, especially those that encourage compassion and kindness, I am also into personal fitness, sound reinforcement and motorbikes, so if you want to get me talking, just mention one of those three things! If you're interested in learning more about me or the projects I work on, please do get in touch.